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For many years we published a newsletter and then moved to a blog.  With social media taking over most of the discussions we have decided to post most updates on sites such as Facebook and the many groups we belong to on LinkedIn (Liza Hogan).


We continue to offer our Basic Services package to existing and new clients.  For those of you who are contemplating rating your properties, this is a great way to try it without making a major commitment.  Please contact us with any questions.  Existing Clients are eligible for special discount pricing.  Please contact us for details.


Our Basic Services materials are an introduction to more consistent and better managed vacation rental properties.  The package includes the following:   


  • 2015 Basic Furnishing Standards for Vacation Rentals - This twelve-page document is updated annually and addresses recommended furnishings, including electronics, kitchen, and housewares.


The information is essential for both rental unit owners and management staff to understand the necessary furnishings for a vacation rental.  We recommend including it with all new management contracts.  For existing contracts we encourage you to send an updated version annually to remind owners of your expectations for their property.


  • 2015 Basic Rating Checklist helps standardize procedures and ensures greater consistency when reviewing    your rental units.


  • Description of Ratings. This document provides a general description of our rating categories. It is also posted on our website.


  •  2015 Recommended Replacement Schedule


These documents may be purchased for $950.00 and are sent via email in PDF format and includes our License Agreement.

Note:  If you contract for any of our rating or training programs within the same calendar year, the $950.00 will be credited toward those fees.  This one-time credit may not be combined with any other discount or coupon. 


Resort Rating Specialists 2015 Membership Plaque $50.00, plus $6.00 shipping & handling.

A wood and brass plaque informing guests that you are committed to providing quality vacation rentals. 

If you prefer we can send a paper Certificate free of charge.


All Materials are subject to and include our License Agreement.


Thanks! We appreciate your business and hope that we will continue to see you.

Liza Hogan, Founder and President of Resort Rating Specialists has been a featured speaker on industry trends at many conference and association meetings

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