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Resort Rating Specialists is recognized as the only national company, which provides quality rating and training services for privately owned vacation rental homes, condominiums, and villas.


What are the objectives for the Staff Training?

  • Assess current rating concerns and existing procedures for reviewing properties
  • Establish rating and furnishing criteria based on industry standards and guidelines.
  • Set up procedures for evaluating properties in rental program so that future ratings will have greater consistency.
  • Review communication skills to effectively deal with property owners and guests.

How is the Training Course Structured?

Prior to meeting we review all of your available marketing materials, rate sheets, any existing furnishing standards or forms that are currently being used to evaluate properties, samples reports, and pertinent information on the area.

We spend part of each day in a classroom session discussing challenges involved in making an objective analysis and effective homeowner communication and visiting properties in your inventory.


The initial session is a seminar covering the latest industry trends. This session is also open to other staff members such Sales and Marketing, Housekeeping, and Maintenance Departments. 

Fees include follow-up via telephone, fax, or e-mail.

Resort Rating Specialists will provide a complete package of licensed and copyrighted material on a CD with information that may be included in your reports along with an individual packet for each trainee.

Each staff member that satisfactorily completes the training course will receive a Training Certificate from Resort Rating Specialists.

Membership Plaque
Each of our rating and training client companies receive our Membership Plaque to assure guests and homeowners that you are committed to providing quality vacation properties.




What Does The Rating Service Provide?

We offer a unique program of evaluating resort properties based on accepted standards and practices in the vacation rental industry. Our customized reports provide recommendations to make properties more competitive while acknowledging the positive aspects and unique characteristics of each home or condo. We understand that guests appreciate distinctive differences and that's one of the reasons they choose to stay in various types of vacation lodging. We make suggestions for improvement in order to maximize the marketability of the product.


What Criteria Are The Ratings Based On?

Our criteria are based on accepted standards and practices in the hospitality industry and the experience we’ve gained over the years working with vacation rental properties.  We are committed to quality. We give careful consideration to the latest industry trends, the quality and condition of the furnishings, and the appropriateness of the decor. 


We Think Our Property Is Unique; How Can You Rate Properties In Different Geographic Locations?

We take regional differences into account when we make our reports so that properties are compared to similar types of vacation lodging. We realize that property quality differs in various price ranges and furnishings styles differ according to geographic locations. We have a broad range of experience and that is precisely the reason that we feel our expertise is valuable. We can look at a variety of properties within a resort and make comments regarding the range of accommodations and also give advice as to how you compare with the competition.


What Do The Reports Include?

A master report of each rated property is given to the management company along with an individual copy for each homeowner. Each unit report includes recommendations for improvement and information on the latest industry trends.


How Frequently Should A Property Be Evaluated?

We recommend that the properties be rated on a regular basis (annually or every other year) in order to effectively compete with newer and recently renovated properties.


What Will It Cost?

Our fees are based on the number and size of units and complexes inspected. This also takes into account the time spent editing and compiling reports. Expenses are itemized separately. When evaluating a property comprised of many similar units we suggest reviewing a sampling to make the program more cost effective.


How Are The Units Inspected?

We have a number of tools that we use in our inspections; the most important one of course, is our experience. Our materials include a laptop computer and a variety of forms and checklists that encompass everything from a single hotel room to large vacation homes with many bedrooms.


Can Budget Properties Receive A Good Rating?

An economy property can still achieve a fashionable look on a limited budget. Our objective is always to give useful information to management and owners. We want to help you find ways to increase your sales revenue and remain competitive. We always attempt to give positive and constructive feedback.


Do You Provide A Satisfaction Guarantee?

While we cannot always say what an owner or manager might wish to hear, we do promise to give you a complete and thorough inspection. If there ever are any errors or mistakes in our report we will correct them right away.


Where Do We Begin?

The first step is to make a commitment to quality and value. Then contact us at (303) 399-8906 or email info@resortrating.com. We can help determine the program that best suits your needs.


Sample Report

Please contact our office for a sample report.

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