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  • A clearly defined rating system allows reservationists to speak easily about the properties and book them more effectively
  • Guests will be assured of renting the quality they expect
  • Greater consistency for guests can mean fewer complaints
  • Owners and staff will be better informed of the latest industry trends
  • Improved communication with owners.  Owners will know the improvements that are necessary to remain competitive

The old method of walking through your properties and casually assigning a rating just doesn’t work anymore. The market has become so sophisticated that it’s impossible to be effective without written furnishing standards. Without written standards it’s difficult to hold owners to any standard and easy to make subjective judgments about the quality of a property.


Property Evaluations and Ratings

We provide an independent service that evaluates resort properties for quality and value. The rating system encompasses individual condominium units, villas, vacation homes, and resorts. Our customized reports provide recommendations to make properties more competitive while acknowledging the positive aspects and unique characteristics of each home or condo.  Management receives a detailed report along with an individual report package for each homeowner.

Our criteria are based on accepted standards and practices in the hospitality industry and the experience we’ve gained over the years working with vacation rental properties. We give careful consideration to the latest industry trends, the quality, and condition of the furnishings, and the appropriateness of the decor.


Total Resort Evaluations

We inspect a representative sampling of properties. Our inspections can also encompass the public areas, grounds, and guest facilities.

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