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We believe that every guest is entitled to a good lodging experience. The quality of the furnishings is an important part of the overall experience. While there is a market for a variety of lodging we believe that all furnishings should be in good condition and clean.

The following criteria should be used as general guidelines when determining the ratings for individual units in resort properties. The designation names or labels vary, the exact category name is less important than the description of each category.

We encourage you to use the description of our rating categories and designations provided below in order to provide guests with consistency and standard terms for the vacation rental industry. All materials are copyright protected. Please display the Resort Rating Specialists copyright if using any of these materials.

Platinum - Premier - Superior
Gold - Above Standard - Deluxe
Silver - Standard
Bronze - Economy - Budget
Below Standard - Poor



This designation is reserved for exceptional accommodations and unique, luxurious properties. The properties are superior in every aspect. The furnishings are professionally designed and the décor and design theme is fully coordinated throughout.  All areas, furnishings, and amenities in all rooms are of the highest quality. There are virtually no inconsistencies.



Reserved for properties in which all furnishings and accessories are new or near new and in excellent condition. Furnishings are attractive and well coordinated, represent current design trends, and include top quality kitchens and baths. There is a noticeable upgrade in the furnishings and décor.



Rental units are well maintained and most everything is up-to-date with minimal wear. The property may have some of the features of a higher “Gold” rating but there are some non-major items or areas that need improvement. Accommodations are comfortable, inviting, and reflect current styles. Furnishings may show slight wear but overall the decor is attractive although not as consistent or well coordinated as higher rating levels. Kitchens and baths are in good condition and reflect current styles.



Rental units with this rating are comfortable but have a number of areas that need improvement. While some decorating theme may be apparent, furnishings are generally older, less complete, and do not consistently reflect current decorating trends. Furnishings are not fully coordinated and may not be particularly high quality but everything is in acceptable condition.  Generally, greater owner involvement is recommended. A “Bronze” unit offers a very basic lodging experience.



Units do not meet minimum rental standards as per the “Bronze” rating described above. Inventory is mismatched, old, or severely worn, and not up to the standards of a quality resort vacation rental. We recommend that the unit be removed from the rental program until improved to a “Bronze” level.

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