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"You are the best teacher I have had the pleasure of knowing in a long time.
Your training revolutionized my senior staff members." - Emerald Isle Realty


Rating Training and Certification Programs

Training staff members is the most cost effective method to launch a rating system or improve an existing one. Our program provides information on the latest industry trends, rating systems, standards and procedures, and motivating owners. The training includes all of our rating materials and provides your staff with industry knowledge and improved  skills to manage your short-term rental properties and owner communication.  



        1.  Position your staff and owners on a fast track to excellence and more competitive properties

        2.  Reduce the number of owners that refuse to improve their properties  
                     -through education and prioritizing clear steps to ensure success

        3.  Recognizing and rewarding owners with the best properties



Training Session topics include:

  • Latest trends from the hospitality industry and other vacation rental resort properties

                         This initial session is open to other staff members of the Client’s company. 

  • Guest expectations and what’s considered premier, deluxe, standard, etc. 
  • Components of an effective evaluation
  • Efficient rating procedures
  • Rating checklists  
  • Communication skills to effectively motivate property owners
  • Visits to a variety of vacation rental properties

Each attendee will receive RRS licensed and copyrighted material

Letter to Homeowners explaining the purpose of the rating system

Description of rating categories

RRS Guidelines for Rating Units

Rating Checklists

RRS 2013 Furnishing Standards

RRS 2013 Industry trends and furnishing recommendations  

Recommended List of Vacation Rental Housewares

Recommended Furnishing Replacement Schedule 

Sample Reports and useful phrases

Desginer Tricks

Furnishing Resources



      Additional Items

  • Training includes review of your existing rating system materials
  • Each attendee that completes the training will receive a Certificate of Training along with  a brass Membership Plaque for the company, to assure guests and property owners that they are committed to providing quality vacation rental properties.
  • Annual Furnishing Standards and Trends updates are available for purchase to previous clients at a discounted rate.

Whether you bring us in-house for training, send your staff to a seminar, or attend a Webinar, ongoing staff training is critical to stay abreast of industry trends and improvements being made in other markets. Trends filter down from the hotel industry and it’s vital to your success to keep homeowners informed so that they can budget and make the appropriate investment in their properties. So ask yourself if you have positioned your staff in the best way to increase the value of your properties and ultimately your revenue.


In-House Training Program — 3 and 5 Day Programs

We can help you set up a rating system or improve your current system. We will train your staff on the latest trends for evaluating vacation rentals and provide information for preparing professional reports for owners. Package includes staff training at your location, supervision, and follow-up.


The 3-day session is best for companies that have some experience evaluating properties.  The 5-day program is more comprehensive and allows extra time to practice.


3-Day Intensive Training Seminars  

We also conduct 3-day Intensive Rating Seminars to train multiple companies on our rating system and procedures. Seminars are held at various resort locations and include all of our rating materials along with information on the latest industry trends, rating systems, standards, procedures, and motivating owners.


Our group Training program provides a substantial savings over the cost of our other programs and is a cost effective way to improve your inspection/rating system. Attendance is limited so sign up early!  We require a minimum number of attendees to hold the seminar.



Each staff member that satisfactorily completes our training course receives a Training Certificate and the company will receive Resort Rating Specialists Membership Plaque to assure guests and homeowners that you are committed to providing quality vacation properties



What Makes Us Different

Resort Rating Specialists is the only nationally recognized company that evaluates vacation rental properties and provides training for an in-house system. We have spent over fifteen years developing and constantly improving our rating system. Resort Rating Specialists Rating System makes it easy, objective, and consistent to your staff and homeowners.


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