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We offer a variety of options that address vacation rental standards for clients who wish to evaluate and upgrade their properties. Our services include: staff training, setting up rating systems, evaluating and rating properties, and presentations on industry trends.

We provide tools to property managers and homeowners to help maximize the value of their properties. Our strategy involves educating staff and property owners on industry trends and why it's important to maintain rental properties in top condition.


Service for Buyers Seeking Counsel and Representation on a Second Home Purchase

For 17 years, Resort Rating Specialists has focused on the leisure and travel industry with services for resorts, property management companies and now, buyers of resort real estate that may possibly be used as a vacation rental. 
Potential Buyers might choose a community because of its location and amenities, but their loyalty stems from the service levels they experience. In second homes purchased for rentals, finding the best property is critical for the success of the rental operation and for maximizing revenue.
Gaining a competitive edge in today's vacation rental industry requires superior knowledge of industry trends and guest's needs and demands. Knowledgeable buyers are more likely to be able to distinguish their property in the vast sea of vacation rentals. Satisfied guests are more likely to return and recommend the property to friends and family.
With extensive experience in the vacation rental industry, Liza Hogan, President of Resort Rating Specialists, is uniquely qualified to support the need for research before making a purchase decision.  Liza Hogan has been a licensed real estate broker in Colorado since 1986 and holds the National Association of Realtors Resort Second Home Property designation.  She is available to assist prospective purchasers in finding the best property to meet their needs. 


Call Liza at (303)399-8906 for a free phone consultation

Basic Services

This introductory level program combines our most requested products and provides the basic tools to help improve the quality of your vacation rentals.  The subscription rate is an annual fee.  This services includes the following items:

  • Basic Furnishing Standards
  • Basic Rating Checklist 
  • Description of Rating Standards

Liza's Blog for Vacation Rental Industry Trends

We encourage you to sign up for Liza’s Blog. It’s free and provides an on-going educational tool to keep staff informed of the latest industry trends, updates and events, and recommendations to make your properties more competitive.

If we rate your properties or conduct one of our In-house Training programs during the same calendar year then the cost of the subscription will be credited toward those fees.


Membership Plaque

All companies that contract for any of our rating or training services receive Resort Rating Specialists Membership Plaque to assure guests and homeowners that you are committed to providing quality vacation properties.


In-House Rating Training Program

We can help you set up a rating system or improve your current system. We will train your staff on the latest trends for evaluating vacation rentals and provide information for preparing professional reports for owners. Package includes staff training at your location, supervision, and follow-up.

Our Training programs provide a substantial savings over the cost of the ratings and are the most cost effective way to improve your inspection/rating system. The training includes all of our rating materials, information on the latest industry trends, rating systems, standards and procedures, and motivating owners.


Rating Seminars

We conduct 3-day Intensive Rating Seminars to train multiple companies on our rating system and procedures. Seminars are held at various resort locations and include all of our rating materials outlined in the In-House Training. Attendance is limited so sign up early!


Certification and Membership Plaque

Each staff member that satisfactorily completes any of our training courses will receive a Training Certificate.  Each company will receive our Membership Plaque to assure guests and homeowners that you are committed to providing quality vacation properties.


Property Evaluations and Ratings

We provide an independent service that evaluates resort properties for quality and value. The rating system encompasses individual condominium units, villas, vacation homes, and resorts. We inspect the properties and tell you how you rate and make recommendations for specific improvements. Management receives a detailed report in addition to an individual report package for each homeowner.


Total Resort Evaluations

We inspect a representative sampling of properties. Our inspections can also encompass the public areas, grounds, and guest facilities.


Keynote Speaker

Liza Hogan is a highly sought after trainer and speaker on industry trends affecting the vacation rental industry. Ms. Hogan has presentations tailored to industry organizations, property management companies, and resort homeowner associations. Topics focus on issues such as, the latest industry trends, why it's necessary to evaluate vacation rental properties, and an overview of various rating systems.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to many common questions about our training and rating programs.

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