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Simple Tips To Improve The Guest Experience


  •   Window coverings or lined drapes that block light and provide privacy
  •   Better task lighting particularly next to beds, chairs, or sofa
  •   Make sure that the unit phone number and address are clearly notated near the


  •   Night lights in hallways and bathrooms
  •   Clear easy to read instructions for operating all electronic amenities (TV, DVD,

                         radio) and the heating/cooling system

  •   Wi-Fi everywhere.  Of course, it should always be free.
  •   iPod docks in the living room and bedrooms
  •   A clock/radio next to each bed that is easy to read and program
  •   In bathrooms: 

                        Grab bars installed in showers and bathtubs

                        A quality water conserving shower head that provides good flow

                        Excellent lighting over the vanity mirror area

                        Tile floors designed to be non-skid even when wet

                        Good quality linens (sheets and towels)

                        Good quality branded toiletries in every bathroom, including some extras

  • Include extra pillows, blankets, and towels



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