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The link (see below) to the recent NY Times article "The Summer Rental Rat Race" brings home the value of an experienced property manager.


If property management was just about marketing properties, renting, and cleaning them, then there wouldn't be much to distinguish a professional manager from anyone else that rents vacation homes.  In addition to marketing, property managers must also keep up with the latest industry trends, be a social media wiz, maintain competitive rates, convince owners to keep their properties up to date and in good condition, have relationships with reputable sub-contractors that can handle any property problem that arises, and provide excellent care and attention to owners and guests.


According to Trip Advisor, 37% of consumers are concerned they won't have an emergency contact if something goes wrong in a vacation rent by owner situation.  Other concerns - will the property be as advertised?  Will it have the amenities they're used to?  They are also concerned about sending a deposit for a property they're unfamiliar with.  These are all issues that an experienced property manager with a presence in the community can easily respond to.  With the plethora of information available online it seems like it's easy to spend more time planning a trip than actually enjoying the time away.


Property managers can provide a distinct advantage.  Owners are paying for their expertise.  Don't lose sight of the importance of keeping them informed of the latest furnishing trends and how competitive the industry has become.  It's a great business but a tough one and property managers must continually educate their owners.  Send them a sampling of the competing email vacation specials that come out every week.   Most owners are not dealing with the business every day so if you send them regular updates whether it's some timely statistics or the latest electronic amenities or bedding trends, you will become a valuable resource.



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