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RSS is close to Resort Rating Specialist's initials, but RSS stands for "really simple syndication". It provides a way to distribute frequently updated content such as blog entries, news headlines, updates, etc. RSS makes it easy to keep up with your favorite web sites rather than having to check each site manually. An RSS reader will check the different feeds that you’ve chosen and organize them by displaying a short summary so you can browse through them to see which ones you want to read.

The blog articles are listed in order of the most recent posting to the oldest. It will give you the title or description and also a link back to the original blog site.

There are many different RSS readers so if you want to look at options you can search Google. Once you have the RSS Reader, you just have to add the bookmark to the list of feeds that your Reader checks. Many sites display a small icon on your browser with RSS to let you know a new feed is posted, and then you just click on the icon to see the latest news.

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